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Grapevine | Grapevine Leafroll Disease control program

To effectively control Leafroll disease data is captured by field technicians in an annual surveillance program. This is processed and compiled into a report that is used to manage the disease and makes specific recommendations based on the currently accepted disease model. For specific details about the program and the associated tariffs please download the information document here.

Maize | Surveillance for Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease's (MLND) causal agents

The objective of this study is to survey grain trade routes to identify if South Africa has the vectors and viruses that is the casual agents of MLND. This project has the objective to ensure food security in South Africa is attained through maize health. MLND, the devastating viral disease of maize, has recently been introduced to East Africa where it has rapidly spread south. It is now known to occur in the south of Tanzania. It poses a significant risk to the well-being of the maize industry in South Africa. The project will provide for the rapid identification of an incursion into South Africa of MCMV, one of the causal agents of MLND, as well as providing information on the incidence, distribution and hence risk of potyviruses already in South Africa on maize. The more rapidly MCMV is identified in South Africa after its incursion, the more likely the chance of containing or managing the spread of the disease locally. The potyviruses form a complex with MCMV to produce MLND.

Tropicsafe | Insect borne prokaryote associated diseases

Is an international project consortium consisting of twenty-two partners from twelve different countries and aims to address specific research on insect borne prokaryote associated diseases affecting tropical and subtropical crops. Patho Solutions is involved with surveys in the Fynbos flora of the Western Cape to identify alternative hosts for the Phytoplasma associated with Aster yellow disease in Grapevines. Patho Solutions is also involved with the development of a new detection method using LAMP for Candidatus Liberibacter africanus that is found in South Africa and is the sister species to the devastating Huanlongbing disease of citrus. For a complete overview of the project kindly visit the following link:

Avocado | Avocado sun-blotch viroid detection

Avocado Sun-blotch Disease is present in South Africa in spite of efforts to control and eradicate it over the past few decades. Concerns from industry have been raised about the potential impact of ASBVd on an expanding avocado industry with regards to trade, production and sustainability. Indexing for ASBVd is fundamental to controlling the disease as it ensures that propagative material is free of infection. Patho Solutions has developed a LAMP detection method that is able to detect specific ASBVd isolates and is used in conjunction with the traditional RT PCR method while the LAMP approach is being validated.

Potato | Potato Virus Y and Potato Leafroll Virus

Testing for the presence of Potato Virus Y and Potato Leafroll Virus has been conducted by Patho Solutions since 2016 on plant and insect samples. Samples are prepared by a quick extraction method for single tests or RNA extracted for storage and potential follow up tests. We make use of a one step RT PCR kit from New England Biotech and gel electrophoresis for product visualization.